About Kealy Severson

I am passionate and committed to exposing the truth about toxic mold and its effects on the human body. Many mold injured people are often misdiagnosed with autoimmune conditions, nerve damage, mental illnesses, and other chronic health conditions due to the lack of knowledge about water damage and toxic mold growing in their homes. The crippling effects of toxic mold on the body has destroyed many lives. Often, people suffer and are labeled with other conditions while unknowingly living in a water damaged environment that is destroying their health.

When I became a healthcare provider specializing in Acupuncture and herbal medicine, it was only then that I truly began to understand the connection between my health and the environment that I was living. Three years after becoming a licensed care provider, I became incredibly ill. I was suffering from kidney failure, recurrent UTIs, and various negative mental health symptoms. When my family and I learned that we had been dwelling with mold trapped under our kitchen floor, the relation between the toxic mold factor and my health finally began to make sense.

It became part of my life’s mission to expose the truth about the toxic mold and educate society on the extreme effects that mold can have on the body. My work is vital because of the lack of experience and acknowledgment from mainstream medical practitioners. I have firsthand experience dealing with mold exposure, and I make sure to address all of the signs and symptoms during every environmental screening that I perform.

I’ve developed a line of organic herbal tinctures and formulas to help most patients recover and reduce symptoms commonly associated with toxic mold exposure. These symptoms vary from mold rage to brain fog and can manifest themselves differently from person to person. My herbal education and experience help me increase awareness and recognize signs in patients that may result from their toxic environments.

My dedication to learning and understanding the effects of toxic mold and educating and bringing awareness to my patients keep me motivated. I know just how devastating the untreated consequences can be on your health and the health of your families, relationships, and life outcomes. If you or someone you know might be affected by toxic mold exposure, rest assured that you and I will work together to find a solution. By working together to treat the symptoms and stay educated on toxic mold exposure, we can reduce the impact.