Kealy Severson, MSOM, L.A.c

Kealy realized mold was affecting her health after living in a rental with a hidden leak & mildew smell for several years. She developed severe health symptoms as test results for organ function were “normal.” Kealy utilized her Chinese Medicine training to understand mold illness as Chinese medicine has long recognized the role of mold, bacteria and viruses, aka, “Gu Syndrome,” as well as the role of environment on human health.

Autoimmune conditions and mental health symptoms can be the result of living inside toxic mold, when the environment is not screened, a root cause of these symptoms could be overlooked. Learning to recognize common mold exposure related symptoms is the only way to address the root cause of mold injured people. Classes range from identifying mold injury to recognizing and treating mold exposure signs and are suitable for both practitioners wanting to specialize in mold injury or patients wanting to take control of their health. Advanced 1:1 class available, customized on individual basis.

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