A circulation & digestion boost to warm you up!

Living in a water damaged building can affect your circulation. This is known as mycotoxicosis induced ischemia. This can cause icey limbs,  zapping nerve pain and digestion problems like bloating or  poor digestion. lack of energy with fatigue and brain fog often occur when circulation is impaired. Tight pulling muscle pain in the legs, arms and neck are often caused by mold exposure. Symptoms of  Raynaud’s, tight muscle pain and cold hands or feet can all be caused by poor circulation.

Decreased blood flow in the nerves and joints making movement harder and more painful than it has to be. Our nerve warming tincture improves circulation to your limbs, boosts digestion and warms your  interior to help improve blood flow to  reduce tight pulling muscle pain in limbs, nerve pain and improve digestion. We incorporate organic anti-inflammatories such as Rumex crispus into our mixture to reduce discomfort from arthritis that is worse in cold and damp weather.