Inflammation brain protection.

Our children’s brains are at the greatest risk of being susceptible to neurological damage from toxic mold. Extended exposure to mycotoxins may lead to acute symptoms such as rage, inability to focus or hyperactivity symptoms. Toxic mold can cause brain injury because mycotoxins can bind to lipophilic tissue such as brains.

Our goal is to protect and ease environmentally induced behavioral symptoms in children. Neuroprotex helps reduce neuroinflammation in the brain, calming rage and improving focus, this can help calm the effects of hyperactivity and soothe your child. Containing an organic blend of full spectrum organic hemp oil, CBD, Fouquieria splendens and ceanothus spp which may reduce toxic mold effects in the brain. Our ethically made Neuroprotex was created to support the brains of children, but works for any age with increased dosage.