Brain detox at sonic speed!

Living in a damp or toxic mold environment may cause brain fog, confusion, memory problems and anger symptoms from increased brain inflammation. This often results in personality changes that are misdiagnosed as mental health symptoms. The constant flood of chemical and metabolic changes that occur within toxic mold exposure is partly to blame for these brain changes that can cause mold rage, relationship problems, hormone imbalances and brain autoimmunity.

Our Sonic Boom Juice is designed to reduce brain inflammation symptoms. Containing organic ceanothus americanus, bacopa monnieri and galium aparine, these herbs may cleanse your lymphatic system by flushing out toxins and reduce inflammation affecting the brain. This can greatly improve your memory, reduce fatigue, and reduce hypersensitivity symptoms while recovering from mold injury. Recommended to recover from toxic mold exposures and support mental health symptoms caused by living in water damaged buildings. Sourced only from organic herbs, our herbal tinctures are sustainably harvested and free from contaminants and toxins.