Are your autoimmune diagnosis’ or mental health symptoms the result of a toxic mold exposure? Kealy Severson specializes in evronmentally acquired illnesses caused by toxic mold exposure. Kealy has a background in nutrition, acupuncture and herbal medicine. She uses a Chinese Medicine approach, combined with personal & clinical experience, to recognize the diverse symptoms related to toxic mold exposure. Chinese medicine acknowledges that fungi can affect human health; Kealy’s extensive experience allows her to identify and treat the root cause of mold toxicity without need for expensive & unnecessary testing.

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Kealy is a medical professional that has dealt with mold injury in her personal life. Kealy has identified the importance of proper mold remediation tactics. In addition to helping mold injured people recover their health, Kealy also provides Healthy Home Support. Kealy can provide experienced insight to help you understand if your home is making you ill. Kealy provides support by contracting onsite repairs and strict safety standards for mold remediation efforts. Kealy works virtually or onsight depending on the project.